Friday, December 30, 2016

Farewell, 2016

Every year I do a year in review post and I love looking back. This year was a big year for us and we're going to start off 2017 in a B I G way with welcoming baby brother and then moving into our new home!
Thank you all for following along in 2016. Hopefully, I'll be more on top of blogging in 2017...but I'm making zero promises.
Here's a recap of 2016...
Liza, my mom, and I brought in the new year with a shopping trip to Dillard's, manicures, and lots of coffee!
Colson experienced his first movie in the movie theater and loved it!

Travis celebrated turning another year older!

Colson turned 3 with a bowling birthday party!

And Travis spent most weekends hunting!

The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl!

I began substituting.

We went with some of our favorite people on a sleigh ride to see elk.

We celebrated Valentines day as a family.

We put our house on the market.

And began dreaming about our future house...

We celebrated Easter.
I went on the Women with Bait fishing tournament.

Travis sold his bass boat. :( So we enjoyed one last ride!

Grandma Jo, Colson, and I made a trip to the zoo.

Colson completed his first chore chart!

GG and Papa Les made a quick trip home and Colson was so happy to see them!

We celebrated St. Patrick's day with lots of green!

Colson started soccer and learned that he didn't like it.
I ran in a 10k.

Colson went to the dentist and didn't have any cavities!

We went fishing!

And Colson got a big boy bike!

Travis and I started couples golf.

I took golf lessons!
Travis and I went to the Youth Auction.

We celebrated Mother's Day.

I ran in the Tutu Run.

We took this picture right after finding out I was pregnant!!!

And we sold our house...

We went to our first ultrasound!
I volunteered at the Saw Tooth Relay.

The boys enjoyed the rides at the Cherry Festival!

Colson loved swimming lessons with Georgia!

We announced to the world that Colson was going to be a big brother!

We enjoyed a weekend in Cascade and golfing in McCall.

We celebrated the 4th of July in Cascade.
Travis played in a golf tournament in Cascade.

We celebrated our anniversary.
We broke ground on our house!

Colson and I went to the Irish's luau.
We went to the Gem County Fair.

Travis and I spent a few days in Sun Valley for the Sinclair conference.


Colson, GG, and I made our way to the Saturday market.
Travis and I went to see Carrie Underwood.
Colson got to deliver fuel with Dad!

We celebrated Grandma Kay's 80th birthday.

We found out we will forever be parents to boys!

We made another trip to the dentist with no cavities.
Colson was a dinosaur for Halloween!

We enjoyed the pumpkin patch as a family!

And Dad carved the best pumpkin!

I spent a week working with my husband. We had a fun week!
Taylor, Colson, and I ran in the Turkey Trot.

We had a great Thanksgiving!

Mom and I went shopping on Black Friday!

Nana, Silvia, Colson, and I went to the Boise Holiday Parade.

I turned a year older.

Peyton and I were showered with love!
It snowed a lot and Colson spent a lot of time sledding.

Colson made a visit to Santa...

We celebrated Christmas with family!

We had a busy year and I wouldn't trade a thing. I can't wait to see what 2017 will hold.
Happy New Year!

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