Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bump {Week 37}

Today is January 3rd. It's birth month!
I still cannot believe how quickly time has flown in the last trimester.
God is so good. We are just 21 days from the due date.
t w e n t y o n e days!!!

How far along? 37 weeks
Maternity clothes? I'm so thankful that I splurged and purchased maternity clothes this pregnancy. They are so much more comfortable than regular clothes with the hair tie trick!
Sleep? Finding comfort has been really tough. I wake Travis up in the night with all my tossing and turning. Rolling over requires me to sit completely up in bed and then rotating my body. I could nap every single day.
Best moment this week? It's not only birth month but a new year. We have a lot to look forward to this year! New baby, new home, and a lot of new adventures.
Miss Anything? I could pretty much copy and paste last week's answer here....
Movement? I usually have a baby part sticking out somewhere, lots of hiccups, and a lot of movement lower than before. He has defiantly dropped some.
Cravings? None. Food doesn't sound good at this point. There is nowhere to put it. I have to remind myself that I have to eat. I've been eating a lot of yogurt.
Symptoms? Braxton hicks contractions are growing stronger by the day. I have them everyday. My hips are driving me bonkers. A really heavy belly. Exhaustion. Nothing unusual.
Looking forward to? I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. I'm hoping for some progress. I'm so ready to meet our sweet boy. I mean, really ready! Bags have been packed. Let's do this!!!
Also, my awesome brother gave me a gift card to get a prenatal massage for Christmas so that is happening on Thursday! I can't wait. Oh, and Travis turns 34 tomorrow!

We love him so much already, we can't wait to kiss his sweet face!

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