Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bump {Week 36}

How far along? 36 weeks
Maternity clothes? Getting dressed has become a challenge. I'm pretty much wearing the same thing over and over. For one fits! Nothing fits this bump unless it is maternity. I wear non maternity at home, only in front of my family because the belly pokes out from under my shirts. Or, the sweater I'm wearing in the picture I just bought non maternity in a larger size.
Sleep? What's that? I'm so tired but this growing belly just hurts and I'm unable to stay asleep at night. I guess it's preparing me for sleepless nights once the baby arrives.
Movement? At any given time, something is sticking out. He is constantly kicking me in my ribs. I'm confident that he's out of room!
Best moment this week? Travis made it to my OB appointment this week! The appointments take all of 10 minutes but we did get to hear a healthy, strong heartbeat.
Miss anything? Just the usual, sleep, sleeping on my stomach, eating whatever I want and not getting sick, being heartburnless, having energy, and fitting into my regular clothes!
Cravings? Nothing really. I love pork. I've been drinking more tea than usual.
Symptoms? Braxton hicks are a regular thing, sometimes stopping me in my tracks.
Looking forward to? My brother gave me a gift card to get a massage for Christmas!!!! I can't wait to schedule that. Also, a certain little boy turns F O U R next month and I need to finish getting ready for that. It's a very simple party but I still want it to be special.
I never managed to take a 35 week picture but here is week 34!
We are finishing getting prepared to welcome baby brother! Hospital bags are getting packed, diaper bag, and install the car seat. I'm just hoping he doesn't make is arrival on January 16th. Any other day, please baby boy!

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