Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

It's hard to believe that Christmas has already came and gone. It went so quickly this year and I never really got into the Christmas spirit. Buddy, our Elf, never returned. Colson didn't ask about him once. Thank goodness, I don't have the energy for that. We never went and looked at Christmas lights because, well, no one put Christmas lights up this year. It was bare everywhere. Thanks to Grandma Jo, we put out milk and cookies for Santa. And, I can't believe we made it through Christmas without family pictures or Christmas cards being mailed out. I look forward to both of those things and this year, it just didn't happen. We were so busy and after rescheduling pictures twice, I just decided to give up. The only pictures that I have to show for this growing baby belly is the selfies I take in the bathroom mirror. I'll be forever grateful for those. However, although we skipped some of our normal Christmas traditions we still had a very happy boy on Christmas morning and spent time together which is what truly matters!
Colson started off Thursday with a party at Ms. Tanya's house.
The boys always have the best time at her parties. She puts so much thought and effort into them. Lucky boys!

Friday afternoon Colson wrapped his Dad's present and colored the wrapping paper!

I started my Saturday morning off with cleaning the toy closet. It was a disaster! And I knew that Colson would have more toys to add to it after all the Christmas festivities so I wanted to get it organized before he threw more in there....

He told me that he wasn't tired and he didn't want to take a nap. But after his shower, while I was getting ready, this happened. He slept until everyone got here for dinner. Silly boy! 

I never managed to get pictures of everyone but we had a great time with family. Colson loved all of his gifts and he didn't hate being the center of attention.

He also enjoyed giving his gifts, although he spilled the beans to his Dad on what his present was. I want to raise our boys with giving hearts.

 I'm so blessed with these two!
Saturday night, Santa came and left Colson his gifts!
But, Colson wasn't sure why he only ate one cookie.... Dad made sure to point out that all the milk was gone! I think Santa was still full from Christmas Eve treats! ;)
We enjoyed watching Colson open his gifts. He kept asking his Dad to open his presents because he was tired. {Noted: next year he gets three gifts so he won't get tired!} We had a fun morning together.

 My very favorite present......

We went to my parent's house for Christmas dinner and Emily brought some games with her. Colson loved the one that you draw on your forehead. It kept him busy for quite some time.

She is such a good sport... 

I'm so thankful that both of our families are so close so we can spend the holidays with all of them.
 I'm also very thankful that this man walked into our lives the way he did and we are about to be parents to another little boy! I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful!

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