Thursday, December 8, 2016

#joceverday2016 {Week 46-49}

Well here is another catch-up for you! Blogging is not my strong point, but hopefully I can get better about it!
Day 313: His favorite silly face! #getyourfingersoutofyourmouth

Day 314: The red cup makes doing homework so much better! Coffee tastes better from a red up!

Day 315: Fun afternoon picking out cabinets! #webbsbuildahouse #makingprogress

Day 316: He's not always ounry, he can be sweet!

Day 317: Up way too early so it's homework at 5am on a Sunday!

Day 318: Crawling into bed and watching Friends by 9 is one of my favorite things!

Day 319: Forts in the middle of the kitchen!

Day 320: I love when asks to hold my hand!!!!

Day 321: The crib arrived and I couldn't love it more!

Day 322: It's been a fun week, working with this man. But I'm glad it's Friday! #bringsbackmemories

Day 323: Boise Holiday Parade!

Day 324: Helping Papa build his shop.

Day 325: "Mrs. Webb, it looks like there is a baby in there!" Well, thank you to all 37544 1st graders for saying that rather than just thinking I've already ate way too much in preparation for Thanksgiving! #funinfirst #firstgraderssaythedarndestthings #substituteteacher

Day 326: I'm so thankful for his snuggles! #snuggleswithcolson #ihadtobegforthese

Day 327: Baby things are taking over!!!

Day 328: Colson gave Thanksgiving a two thumbs up! We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and everyday!

Day 329:Another year of Black Friday tradition! Home in time for a nap!

Day 330: Lunch date in the Costco parking lot!

Day 331: Hoping that I don't ruin dinner that I promised my mother-in-law for her birthday! 1st time using the BBQ!!!

Day 332:I'm so blessed with my family and friends that made today special! Thank you for all the texts, phone calls, comments, and personal greetings! I spent my day with 1st graders who thought I was turning 17! My husband took me on a date! And I ended my night snuggling this boy!

Day 333:I've literally been obsessing over my father-in-law's slippers and look what my in-laws gave me for my birthday! They are the softest thing I've ever put on my feet!!!

Day 334: Such a fun night looking at Dad's baby books!

Day 335:It's the most magical time of the year!

Day 336:Well shucks! 50/50 so far on the break making! Bread in not my specialty!

Day 337:Yesterday my bestie, mom, and mother-in-law hosted the sweetest shower for Peyton. I'm thankful for everyone and their thoughtful gifts! Peyton is loved so much already!

Day 338:Travis has been working none stop between his full time job and our house that I feel spoiled getting time with him this week!

Day 339: Rocking chair #2 is perfect! I'm in love with it!

Day 340: Pure joy! #jumpinginthesnow

Day 341: I love spending my day with littles who are full of entertainment!

 Well, there was a major photo dump! I'd like to think I'd get better about blogging but my guess is that with another baby that is almost's only going to get worse!

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