Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Quirks and Such

So today I'm linking up with Andrea and sharing my quirks, phobias, pet peeves, and other weird things that make me...me!
1. Snakes
Spiders don't bother me. I've never understood why people scream when there is a spider. Just kill it. However, the thought of a snake makes me have nightmares. I can't stand them!
2. Laughing
I laugh when I shouldn't. When I'm nervous, scared, upset...I'm probably going to laugh. It's horrible. I hate that I do it. I can't help it. I hate crying so instead I laugh.
3. Loud Hand Dryers
I hate the load hand dryers in public bathrooms. I don't like public restrooms anyways. Sometimes I will drive out of my way to go home and use the bathroom and then back to town to go to the grocery store. Or, I'll just wait for the next day to go to the store. But the only thing I can think about when I have to use those dryers....it's blowing germs everywhere!!! Now, I need a shower. They are gross.
4. Baths
I hate baths. Nothing grosses me out more than the thought of getting in a bathtub. In fact, in the house we are building, I'd be fine if we didn't even put in a bathtub. I'd rather my kids just take a shower. But, we're putting in two and my husband picked them out because I would rather not have them at all.
5. Public Pools
I can't stand the thought of getting my hands and face wet in a public pool. When Colson was a baby I participated in a mommy and me swim class but after a week, I signed him up for private lessons so I didn't have to get in. I'm begging my husband for a pool because I like to swim and I want my kids to enjoy it, but I won't take them to the public pool. I always consider it and then chicken out. Seriously, who wants to get into a pool with a bunch of random other people you don't know with their hair and skin floating around??? No thank you!
6. Q-tips
I couldn't live without Q-tips. I can't stand getting out of the shower and not using a q-tip. I also use them to clean up my mascara because I can't apply mascara without getting it all over my face.
7. Bathrooms
I can't stand sitting down to eat my food and seeing the bathroom. Especially in public. It grosses me out and that is all I can think of when I'm trying to eat my food. I'd rather not even be in sight of it, but if I have to, I'll sit with my back to it.
8. Colson's Bath
I dread bedtime every night. I'm horrible about giving Colson a bath. I hate it. It's the thing I hate most about bedtime. Maybe because I think baths are gross and pointless...but I HATE giving him a bath. I would do almost anything if Travis would bath him every night.
9. Big Hair
I've tried to not tease my hair and let it lay flat but I hate it. If my hair is flat, I have zero confidence. I really love rain but I hate what it does to my hair. The bigger the hair the better!
10. Volume
When I adjust the volume on anything, it has to end in a 5 or 0. When we're watching TV and someone adjusts the volume to 11, it drives me nuts! I understand that sometimes 10 is too quiet and 15 is too loud so just be really quiet so you can hear it at 10 because I'm not going to put it in between.
11. Labels
Why do people take the labels off of drink containers or anything for that matter? It leaves behind a sticky residue and looks weird. Just leave the labels alone. They were put there for a reason.
12. Shaving
I shave my legs every single day. I cannot stand even the tiniest stubble. I shave 365 days a year. I've done it since I was in junior high and I'll probably never stop.
13. Endings
When I go to the movies, I always read the spoilers. When I'm watching something pre-recorded, I always look up to see how it ends. Then, I can enjoy whatever it is I'm watching. During the Olympics, I knew who won metals before the races started. It drives my husband crazy.
Well, there you go....all my weirdness! {or at least some of it!}

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Unknown said...

I completely agree with you on pools. I saw a hair floating around one time and I was done, and out of the pool as fast as I could go! Have a good week!