Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bump {Week 26} & #joceveryday2016 {Week 42}

Hello Thursday!
Today is a great day. An anniversary that means so much to me. It's been one year since Colson's adoption was finalized! I will never forget the emotions that I experienced sitting in that courtroom. God is just so good and so faithful.
26 Weeks!!!
How far along? 26 weeks! Each weeks seems to go quicker than the last and it's only going to get worse with the holidays.
Sleep? This week I've slept great. However, if I try sleeping on my right side I wake up because I can't breath. I feel as though I'm suffocating. So, I stick to my left side for the most part.
Best moment this week? I went with my mom and grandma to the fabric store and bought all the fabric for Peyton's quilt that my Mom is going to make. Also, my grandma is going to make all of his crib sheets and changing pad covers so I found the fabric for those. I'm so happy with the fabric that I found. The vision for this nursery is coming to life! Also, so thankful those two ladies can sew!!
Worst moment this week? Nothing comes to mind. I feel as though my emotions are more in check this week. I do wish there was some progress to tell you about on our house. No progress. Zero. It rained for three days and we don't have a roof so that stinks. And, the more time that passes with zero progress....the farther away our move in date will be. Although, living with my mother in law once the baby comes might be handy! She did mention she could sit and rock him all day, every day!
Miss anything? I have three months to go and this belly is starting to get in the way. I love having this belly and I'm not complaining. I just happen to notice it a lot!
Movement?  So much movement. Colson is constantly telling Peyton to stop kicking him although, I don't think he's ever really felt him kick! We just talk about it, so Colson tries to be bossy! ;)
Cravings? Comfort food. It's been cooler weather so I'm loving soups! I made homemade chicken noodle soup that didn't turn out just right but ate it over mashed potatoes...YUMMY! Also, I eat an onion bagel with cream cheese almost every single morning and it's the first thing I think of when I wake up in the mornings.
Sick? Of course. It's not going anywhere. And heartburn. I drink water...boom...heartburn. Apples, why on earth do apples give me heartburn? Well, they do. Just about everything. And of course my ribs and back are really starting to remind me that there is a human inside of me. But, overall, I feel pretty good. I complain, but I'm functioning with my normal schedule and I'm not sick with a cold, so I'm really happy about that!
Looking forward to? I sent that rocking chair back that I thought I was going to love and now I need to go and find another one. This time, I'm heading to the store and won't be ordering anything online. So, if you can recommend one...please do! Also, I'm hoping we make it to the pumpkin patch this weekend! I can't believe October is almost over and we haven't enjoyed any fall activities! onto #joceveryday2016 pictures!
Day 286: Travis and I had an appointment to pick out all of the plumbing fixtures for the house. You could say we were both stressed about it. I wasn't looking forward to it. We were there for about 20 minutes and the guy said, "Okay, that was great. I have everything I need." Wait. What? That was easy. Neither of us could believe how smoothly it went. Let's just say a prayer that everything can go that smooth!

Day 287: He's home!!! Colson spent the week with GG and Papa Les on their mountain and I picked him up Friday morning. I was so happy to see him!!!!

Day 288: Fun afternoon of bowling!

Day 289: The best place to fall asleep...Dad's lap!

Day 290: I've had my Jesus Calling book for awhile and until recently, I haven't read it everyday. I don't know why. So many days it speaks right to my heart. Especially on Monday.

Day 291: Fun evening of flying. They were taking turns! These two bring so much joy to my life.

Day 292: A visit to the dentist! Colson was a rockstar! He had to get X-rays done and was great. Zero cavities and a healthy mouth!
Well, that's a little life lately and baby update.

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