Thursday, October 13, 2016

#joceveryday2016 {Weeks 40 & 41}

Playing catch-up once again. But here we are...
Day 272: Of course when we heard it was national coffee day we grabbed Starbucks on our way to school! #nationalcoffeeday #goodexcusetodrinkcoffeeallday
Day 273: Post nap snuggles.
Day 274: Oops! I didn't take a single picture.
Day 275: Yard work at Nana and Papa's!
 Day 276: New semester, same routine!

Day 277: Sitting in the pouring rain, eating popcorn, watching Taylor play football!

Day 278: Colson sandwich!

Day 279: His new favorite face to make! #goofyboy #snugglesformom

Day 280: I might be bias-but Daniel gets the award for best brother! Just a small amount of convincing and he delivered coffee to me and his wife! #thankfulitsfriday #brotherscanbenice

Day 281: Off to register for Peyton!

Day 282: I love Sundays with my boy! He won't take a picture without making this face so expect a lot of silly pictures from now on. #colsondanielwebb #Ilovesundays

Day 283: Travis is at a meeting and I'm spending my Monday evening listening to a presentation about minority groups. #notwhatiwanttobedoing

Day 284: It's hair day!!!

Day 285: Went upstairs to make me breakfast and found the fireplace on so I'm sitting as close as I possible can, eating my breakfast! #imnotmoving #lovefireplaces #cozy
We are really looking forward to the weekend in this house! A certain little boy will be home in the morning after a week of being on the mountain with his GG. I can't believe we agreed to a week. He asked to stay for 15 days but I'm thinking we're all ready to be reunited!

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