Thursday, October 27, 2016

#joceveryday2016 {Week 43}

How is it Thursday already? It's been a heck of a week. A week of exhaustion. A week that I feel like I can't wait to be over... However, with that said, we've had some really good moments.
Day 293: Happy Birthday Aunt Emily!

Day 294: Colson and GG in a boat! [Colson is reading and GG is doing all the work!]

Day 295: Punkin' Patch!

Day 296: There is laundry piled high, homework to be done, cleaning that can wait because Colson is with Nana at the apple orchard, husband who is getting ready for duck hunting, and a mama who is really comfy! #nappingfortwo #sotired #therestcanwait #sundaynaps
Day 297: Broncos and Tacos!
Day 298: My happy place! #elementaryeducation #substituting #lovethelittles
Day 299: I'm already in love with this view! #webbsbuildahouse #fatherandson #makingprogress
It's almost Halloween and we have fun things happening this weekend!

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