Friday, October 28, 2016

Five on Friday.

It's the weekend of Halloween! This weekend is quickly filling up, but with fun things! And, my mother in law is making her amazing sugar cookies so I promise that is what everyone in our house is looking forward to!

one. elementary education.
When I decided to go back to school I knew 100% that I wanted to teach junior high or high school. I had zero doubt in my mind. Last year I was able to start substituting. I told Travis it would be good for some experience and also it would be helpful to be in the classroom while writing papers about being in the classroom. Well, it changed my mind. I love elementary students! Love. Love. Love. This week I was in an elementary classroom. I know that is where I'm suppose to be.

two. online shopping.
One of the problems with online school is I tend to need a break once in awhile and find myself "window" browsing. Anyways, I stumbled across Little Unicorn and I couldn't help but order Peyton this cute dino friends swaddle blanket. Colson is obsessed with dinosaurs and I love swaddle blankets so it's perfect. They have so many cute options, it was hard to not order them all. And, I ordered it on Monday and it arrive yesterday. I couldn't believe how fast it got here!
three. essential oils.
On Tuesday night I attended an online class where they shared a ton of great tips, recipes, and information on using oils with kids. I ordered my first kit a couple of years ago but felt lost when using them so I stopped. Just recently, last spring, I ordered some more and I've really enjoyed them. I've made lotions and rollers that I use on a daily basis and I also diffuse the oils everyday. I love them. I like feeling confident while using them. I don't want to use them wrong. I really enjoyed this class and I'm excited to use oils in new ways! I love using them to help prevent sickness. On the way home from school Thursday Colson told me we needed to put good stuff on his feet because he really didn't want to get sick. {his best friend has been sick this week.} Now, I know that my husband isn't 100% convinced that oils work, but I believe in them!
four. preschool.
Colson goes to a great daycare. He loves going to Ms. Tanya's house. While I love it also what I really love is all the learning that takes place. She only has a small handful of kiddos so she can really give them one on one time. Three days a week they have preschool and I can't believe the growth Colson has shown in just the short amount of time. He brings home activities almost everyday. Sings songs that he is learning. And his letter and number recognition is better than I could ever imagine for a three year old. He loves to draw and learn, even at home!

five. taco Tuesday.
On the way to daycare Monday morning Colson and I had a conversation that went like this...
C: "Mom, have you ever heard of Taco Tuesday?"
Me: "Yes, I have. I love Taco Tuesday!"
C: "Me too! Taco Tuesday means that it is Tuesday and you eat tacos. I love tacos. And I love Tuesdays."
Me: "Me too buddy. I know it's only Monday but we're going to eat tacos for dinner tonight. And, we are going to watch the Broncos. So, we'll call it Broncos and Tacos night."
C: "Mom! I love Broncos and Tacos night!"
Broncos and Tacos ended up being a success. We enjoyed tacos and watched the Broncos finally pull off a win!
  Well, see you on Halloween!

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