Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Sunday it rained all day so after waiting for the rain to stop long enough to carve pumpkins outside...we decided at 7:30 it wasn't going to and made do with the kitchen counter. I was excited for the carving this year. I anticipated Colson would love to help...I was wrong. He hated the "guts" and wouldn't stick his hand back down in for a second time. So he instructed Travis and I on what to do.
 He couldn't have been happier with his pumpkin!
A simple task that resulted in one very happy little boy!
Monday morning I dropped off Colson for his party. He was so excited!
I picked him up and he was in the middle of a nap! What??? I have no idea how she got him to nap after all the excitement. But I was so happy!
I made a few stops with a triceratops so he could get a few extra pieces of candy and show off his costume.
It rained and rained all weekend so I was praying it would be dry enough to trick or treat.
Sure enough, the weather was great.
Colson was bouncing off the walls. He was so excited to trick-or-treat! After Dad taught him, "Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" and then convinced him he can't sing it to people...we began! 1st stop...Grandma Kay's!
We ran from house to house until dark. And our favorites joined us, however, zero pictures. It was so dark! The boys had a great time and didn't want to go home. They received so much candy!
I myself couldn't stop eating his candy so I'm praying that I pass my glucose test this afternoon. Who's idea was it to schedule that for the day after Halloween?!
It was a good Halloween!
I'm already looking forward to seeing what the boys will dress up as in the future! Hoping we have a few years that we can get away with a theme...but only time will tell! I think my husband might even join in on a family costume! :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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