Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day in the Life

I randomly wrote a day in my calendar to document a day in the life and it happened to be a really weird day for us. Most days are really boring. However, last Wednesday, it was full of errands.
I woke up extra early and couldn't go back to sleep. I attempted for a few minutes but in an effort to not wake anyone else up, I went into the living room and opened up my bible.
Then, after Dad got up, I gave Colson a movie on his iPad and got ready for the day.
We went to the donut shop and he asked if he could eat his donut at Nana's office so we went there next.

And off to start our busy day!

Colson goes to a pediatric dentist and it is really cool. We were sitting in a space ship watching a movie and waiting until it was his turn!

They have lots of games and fun things for kids...

Colson did such a great job and is cavity free!!!

Next stop...the carwash! His favorite! This stinker requests the carwash everyday. 

Then to the mall to pick up Aunt Emily's birthday present. After convincing Colson that she really didn't want a pair of Tom's with parrots all over, we settled on a grey pair of Hunters!
Of course we had to take a silly picture in the giant mirror!

Chick-Fil-A for lunch. And I let him play in their play area. I never let him but we had to wait around to pick up parts for Dad so why not?

We finished up with all of our errands...pick up parts, contacts, dog food...you know, exciting stuff!
Liza text me and asked for a picture of my bump so when we got home I fulfilled her request. He's quite large and is making an appearance!

Next was tea and quiet time. I'm loving hot tea these days...

And since we didn't get a nap we watched a movie together and Colson moved around constantly so he wouldn't fall asleep!

Nana brought him the perfect sized apple! This boy loves apples!

The rest of the evening we ate Chinese food, and lounged around. I stopped taking pictures and enjoyed the rest of the evening with my family.
Although it wasn't a normal day for us, it was a good one spent with Colson. Most days I spend in front of the computer doing homework and Colson goes to Ms. Tanya's house. So any day together is a good one in my opinion!
Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!

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