Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was bitter-sweet. We had some family fun, we said see ya later, and we were lazy. All wrapped up into one weekend!
Friday I was running some errands and this boy fell asleep after proclaiming that he wasn't going to take a nap. I crossed my fingers that he wouldn't wake up when I carried him inside...
And two hours later...he was still sleeping!

Saturday morning we went to the local pumpkin patch. Colson had the best time. He was mostly excited about playing in the corn. He couldn't have spent hours in this spot!

They had some cute picture props!

I can't help but think about doing all of these fun things as a family of four next year!

We got lost in the corn maze...

And then Colson turned over the leader position to Dad and we quickly found our way out!

Stopped to take a picture with my love when....

Colson wanted in the action!

Love these two so much!!!
I loved walking behind them and listening to their conversations.

Colson was really excited about riding a real horse! This is Dora, the perfect size for Colson!

And back to the corn!

I'm glad we were able to fit the pumpkin patch into our weekend!
Saturday night we had dinner with my family to send off GG and Papa Les. They left early Sunday morning for Arizona. We are going to miss them so much over the next six months. Every year it gets harder to see them leave. Especially since Colson has such an amazing relationship with them.
It was a solo trip to church on Sunday morning. :) 

And then home and into bed. I'm waiting to gain energy back but....I just can't seem to catch up on sleep and feel refreshed. I had a long to-do list but decided to just be lazy instead!

Colson went to the apple orchard with Nana and had the best time!
He was so proud of his apples that he brought home.
And...after begging Travis all day to take a nap with me...he joined me for about five minutes before returning to football!
This weekend was so good. I really love simple times with my little family. We are blessed in so many ways.
As hard as it is to not see my grandparents for six months at a time, I'm thankful for Skype so we can see them that way. I'm also thankful they are healthy enough to come to Idaho in the summers and have such great relationships with Colson! Six months is going to go quickly with the holidays and the arrival of Peyton.
Now, off to complete that long to-do list that I put off yesterday. And maybe a nap....

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