Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Friday night started off with dinner at our favorite pizza joint, Smoky Mountain Pizza with my family.
Saturday morning we were up early and took off to go fishing! Colson was so excited.

Travis had big plans to get into a lake that....was ended short with snow that we couldn't get through.
Colson loved playing in the snow though.

Love this family of mine.

Colson really loved fishing.

He figured it out really well and casted and reeled in 194899 times.

I'm thankful that this man takes me on adventures! :)

Love this view....

The only fish that was caught!

I'm certain that God spent extra time on Idaho. Look how beautiful this view is. 

Saturday night we took a trip to Walmart and bought this cutie his first bike!
He was thrilled!!!

Picked up Chinese on the way home! I've never seen him behave so good at dinner and eat so quickly. He just wanted to go ride his bike!

Nana and Papa stopped by and Colson rode up and down the sidewalk. He caught on quickly and did a great job!
It was a fun day!

Sunday morning we started off with church!

And ended with golfing and a barbeque with some of our favorite people.
This weekend was so amazing!
Today is a crazy day following a busy week!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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