Sunday, April 24, 2016

Friday Favorites on a Sunday

I realized that I never finished this post and published it, so although it's Sunday....better late than never.
This week has been busy. I feel like it's only going to get busier from here on out since the weather is so nice and we have so many things to do outside.
Since we have our house on the market, I just want to go through my entire how and purge things. On Monday, I spent the morning while Colson was a daycare going through his room. It feels so nice getting rid of things that he's outgrown or never plays with.
On April 20, 2015, Travis proposed to me. I would say yes over and over again! I love this man. This year has been so crazy with everything that has happened but we've had a good year together!
I'm glad that I get to spend forever with my favorite person.
Wednesday, I went and picked Colson up from daycare right before nap so that I could take a nap with him. I begged him to lay down and nap with me. He fought it for 4 hours. Finally, I gave up and let him get up and play in his room. I went downstairs to make dinner and when I went up to tell him it was ready, I found him just like this... He had put himself to bed.
I also love when he gets a haircut. He looks so handsome!
Couple's golf is back and it's one of my favorite nights during the week!
 When Travis sends me morning pictures of Colson, it makes my day! I open the coffee shop once a week and so I don't get to see him on those mornings. I love getting pictures!!!
I'm substitute teaching this spring and I couldn't love it more. I look forward to it whenever I get the chance. I know that I've chosen the perfect career choice for me. It motivates me to finish school! I wish I could sub everyday because being around all the students and learning from the faculty is the best motivation I could have!
Well, those are my favorites from last week!
I'll be back tomorrow to share our weekend!

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