Friday, January 29, 2016

#joceveryday2016 Weeks 3 & 4 // Friday Favorites

Here's a catch-up for two weeks worth of pictures!
Day 14: Seriously, so blessed to have had this lady in my life throughout the years, she is a solid friend to me in every season, speaks truth to me especially when I don't want to hear, and we pick up right were we left off no matter how much time is in between. Happy birthday pretty lady! [a day early]

Day 15: Hide and seek with Colson...

Day 16: I love this little boy so much and I really love that on his 3rd birthday he begged me for some snuggles. Happy Birthday Colson, your Mama loves you so much!!

Day 17: The Broncos won!

Day 18: Colson enjoyed a really yummy dessert thanks to Aunt Emy for providing all the toppings!

Day 19: I don't mind the rain with pink Wellies and a matching coffee mug!

Day 20: these best friends just keep growing - but how amazing that they get to do it together! #bestfriends #austinandcolson

Day 21: Birthday party prepping!

Day 22: standing in timeout is the perfect time to remove all your clothes... #lordpleasehelpme #hesawildchild

Day 23: it's time to party!

Day 24: A good day in our house! The Broncos are headed to the Super Bowl!!!
Day 25: the stage is set. Now let the paper writing begin. #homeworkneverends #futureeducator #illbehereallday
Day 26: Is it spring yet? I broke out my sandals today and got a lot of weird looks! #imready
Day 27: sweet dreams! #ilovesleepingpictures #hessosweetwhenhesleeps
Day 28: bowling at guy's night! #fatherandson #colsondanielwebb
And now for some Friday Favorites from the week...
 Although having a sick kiddo is not even close to my favorite...those snuggles are! Daddy and Mom got some great snuggles this week while he fought off a cold.
I'm loving my ninja so much and this is my favorite recipe right now for breakfast! 1/2 a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, frozen spinach with some vanilla protein powder. So yummy!
This kid is by far my favorite!!! The weather was so nice when I snapped this picture and then it started snowing...what??? I want spring!
We're happy it's Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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