Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Colson / 3 Years

t h r e e.
When people tell you to enjoy every moment because he'll be big before you know it, they are right! Since becoming parents, time has gone so quickly. It's just not fair.
This last year has been the most fun year.
Height: 39"   // Weight: 33.5
This year Colson has....
conquered potty training.
had sleepovers with Austin.
went to his first movie.
fell in love with donuts.
became a Denver Bronco fan.
realized he N E E D S his sleep.
learned so many new words.
turned into a dare devil. [[["mama, does this scare you?!"]]
"learned" to bowl.
We had such a fun Halloween with our f a v o r i t e s.
He understands what we say and doesn't forget a thing.
He is sensitive and oh so stubborn.
He is so opinionated and v e r y independent.
He's attached to his blankets, and that reminds me that he's still so young.
He also requests "the baby song" when I put him down to sleep.
He constantly has a toy with him. all. the. time.
He can throw an epic tantrum.
He has a laugh that is contagious.
These are just a few of the highlights from our year. Colson has brought us so much joy these last three years! We couldn't imagine not having him around!
Our B I G boy! I still can't believe he is THREE.

He changes everyday. But we look forward to this next year with him more than ever before.

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