Monday, January 25, 2016

Colson + Bowling Party + The rest of our weekend...

Colson LOVES to bowl. We took him one time, and he's said from that day on...he wanted a bowling party. I wanted a party at home where I could go all out with decorating but I'm so glad we let him decide what he wanted because it was p e r f e c t. He had SO MUCH FUN! And, so did we!
Colson talked about his party in the months leading up to his birthday and told everyone that he was going to have a bowling party. I was so excited for it to actually arrive!
With the party being down at the bowling alley, it was simple. They provided the drinks and pizza. I had a cake made from a local bakery. I made cupcakes for everyone and then everyone got to take home a bag of cookies!

the cake
Colson requested vanilla. I had a local bakery make it and it matched the invitation!

This year Colson was at an age that he wanted to play with his friends so bowling was perfect.
It was SO much fun for everyone, and I loved watching Colson and the boys bowl.

H A P P Y Birthday C O L S O N

 I'm so grateful for how loved Colson is!
Happy Birthday big boy!

Saturday, Colson went home with Liza and Austin. And mom and I ran some errands. Travis was sick, so I wanted to leave him alone so he could rest. :(
Although, we did end out night snuggled up {{{holding hands}}} watching a movie!

Sunday, We went to church ...
and then came home to this...
Colson said, "Dad, our house looks perfect!"
We were ready for the big game!

And of course so excited about the outcome!!!
We love the Denver Broncos and can't wait to watch the Super Bowl!

I'm hoping the sickness had left our house for good and I can get caught up on everything this week!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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