Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: The Way to my Heart

It's Tuesday, which means that it's Show & Tell.
I'm linking up with Andrea today.
So today we're sharing the way to our hearts. I'm going to share how this man gets to my heart.
Spoiler Alert...he does a good job!
1. When he randomly brings me something. When out of the blue he shows up with my favorite candy bar, a coffee, a soda...Something small that let's me know that he's thinking of me and took time out of his day to show me.  I know he is a busy guy so this means a lot to me.

2. He understands that even though flowers are expensive and die, I like them. It's a fun surprise. And, when I told him how I felt about roses, he listened! :) He puts thought into those flowers.
3. He helps me with my wild and crazy ideas become a reality. He has so much patience with me and my ideas. He might think I'm crazy but he goes along with it. So good to me.
4. He takes me on dates even though we are married. Our marriage is a priority to him and I love this.
5. He's a cuddler. :)
6. When he sends me random text messages.
7. We can joke and laugh. He gets my inappropriate sense of humor. I like that.
8. Watching him be a dad to Colson, that's the biggest way to my heart. He's compassionate, supportive, loving, stern, patient, and loves him so much. When I see these two together, I melt.

9. Family is important to Travis. He puts us first. He wants to spend time with us and he makes that very clear. I love this about him. I love that our family is so important to him.
 This man has already won my heart, but I never stops doing those things. That's what I love about him. A lifetime is a long time to be with someone but I'm so grateful he's the one for me.

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