Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Goals

Before I share my December goals...let's recap my November goals.
1. I address and sent out my Christmas cards! I address them on Thanksgiving and sent them out on November 30th!'s checked off my list!
2. Enjoy a weekend trip with my Husband. We did this and you can read about it here.
3. Clean out Colson's toys and clothes. I passed down his clothes and some toys to a friend with a grandson about the same age to make room for Christmas and birthday gifts!
4. Decorate house for Christmas! Done. Done. and Done. Can't wait to share on December 8th!
Now, onto my December goals!
I really want to keep things simple this month. I want to enjoy time with my family!
1. Remember to move elf around! I'm really good at remembering to move Buddy around the first week and then it gets old and more like work. I always try and be really creative but this year...I'm just going to make it a goal to move him! I'm hoping to document where we put him this year. I also have an alarm set on my phone to help me!
2. Plan Colson's 3rd Birthday party! Our baby will be three next month. I have the bowling alley booked and invitations made [Yay!!!]! But I need to finish planning the cake, decorations {simple, simple, simple}, and fine tune it all!
3. Watch a ton of Christmas movies. I enjoy Christmas movies, especially in a room full of Christmas lights! Colson has several kid Christmas movies that I can't wait to snuggle up and watch with him.
4. Focus on the reason! Jesus is the reason for the season and I want to teach that to Colson. I never want to forget what the meaning of Christmas is!
I'm excited to start new traditions as a family of three and I'm excited to spend December with the ones I love!

Happy December!

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