Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekend Review: Loaded Edition

We had a really long weekend...four days to be exact! It was a great weekend spent celebrating and with family!
Thursday morning, I baked pies while Colson watched cartoons and colored. I tried to interest him in the parade but he wanted no part of it. He eventually wanted to help! Such a proud boy! 
  Obviously his favorite part....
 The pies are ready for dinner!
 I address our Christmas cards so they are ready to deliver or mail out!
 Somebody was not happy on the drive...we woke him up to go but as soon as he got out of the car his mood changed and he was excited to see everyone!
 I posted this picture on Instagram Thanksgiving night.
'I tried really hard to take a picture of all three of us today to look back and remember our first Thanksgiving as a family and they all turned out like this. But, that's what I love about us. We're constantly laughing with each other. It's wild and crazy in our house. And most importantly we just love being together even when it's not perfect. I'm really thankful for these two.'
 Friday morning we went Black Friday shopping! So much fun but we were gone close to 12 hours!
 Tammy surprised me in JC Penny and I was so excited to see her!!!
 Lunch.....along with some nachos!
 When I got home this happened......
Goodbye fall! 
hello blank space....
 Then my amazing husband brought in Christmas!!!!!
 While I decorated the boys did this...... 
 {{{I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous!}}}
Saturday, I woke up to this!
 Birthday cards from the boys!
Travis took off hunting and Colson was still sleeping so I took the opportunity to finish decorating! I just wanted to curl up in that tree skirt!
 {{{Can't wait to share the rest of our decorations!}}}
Saturday night we went to Texas Roadhouse with my parents to celebrate my birthday! 
 My world...
 I was asleep by 8 on Saturday night and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Sunday morning was spent doing this...
 snuggling and hot chocolate!
Colson played {he loves the tree skirt as much as I do} and I worked on a history paper.
  We built an awesome fort in they eyes of an almost three year old!
We ended the night wish some more snuggles!
After Colson was in bed...I decorated the table for our breakfast in the morning where Buddy, our elf, will make his appearance again!
 We ended our night with the BEST football game!
So glad for the outcome!
Such an awesome weekend!

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