Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Yay for Friday! This week has been crazy and today is going to be no exception!
I have a lot to do today and time is ticking!!!
Last week after bath Colson kept making faces in the mirror and when I got my phone out to capture the moments he just kept laughing really hard! It's blurry but I love pictures that show his BIG personality and how funny he is!
Last week my doorbell rang and I starting dancing before I even opened it! I'd been tracking the package all week and it finally arrived! I love this planner so much. They have made some changes this year and I love it even more!
We're letting Colson potty train at his own pace.... He's doing pretty good but I just casually remind him when he's playing. This picture was cracking me up though!
 I went with my aunt to find her a new pair of glasses and it made me really want new glasses! I was trying on all the crazy glasses but then I spotted the ones on the right and fell in love! I never wear my glasses out of the house so justifying a new pair of glasses isn't going to happen!

 We went and watched the Huskies play and I'm bummed we're going to miss the game this weekend. They are doing so well! Our town really rally's together to support them!
The cutest Husky fan I know!
It had been awhile since my Mom and I had a girls outing without Colson. So, we went on a TJ Maxx run and it was fun! I'm blessed to have a friend in my Mama!
These two have been practicing Colson's letters and it may be the cutest thing ever. Colson is S.T.U.B.B.O.R.N. but seems to be doing pretty well. I tried having him write his letters and he did so much better. I also made some tracing papers for him and he rocks at tracing!

 While getting ready in the mornings this week....Colson has been doing this!
I love the view from my bathroom...

 Okay, I know I'm early but I made my goal list for December the other day and I put 'plan Colson's birthday' because with the holidays...things get pushed aside and I didn't want to stress about it come January 1st. But then I started looking on line for bowling parties and couldn't stop myself! So, it's planned!!! A couple months early but now I can enjoy the holidays and his birthday without getting stress! 
My favorite is snuggling with this boy! Lately, he's extra snuggly and I'm not complaining!
Someday he will be big and won't want to snuggle... when he asks to sit on my lap or come snuggle with him, I just remember that!
I also made changes to our blog! It was time, it needed a change and I love the results!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and the best weekend!

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