Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Weekend in Denver

Our weekend was full of adventures!
Friday, Colson and I snuggled and finished up some chores in the morning. And then we joined my mom, she had to run downtown Boise.
And...we got to stop by one of my favorite coffee places, Java!
Colson took a car nap and when we got home...this is where he layed!
Friday night, Colson went to Nana and Papa's house while Mom and Dad headed off to the Little Big Town concert with Ty and Liza. Although they aren't entertainers of the year...it was a good show.
After about three hours of sleep Travis and I woke up bright and early to catch our flight to Denver. We took that opportunity to catch another hour of sleep.
Colson made a trip later that day to the airport to pick up my cousin's husband Chris so my parents sent us this picture!
I was so excited to see Sports Authority Field, so we headed there first!
I knew Sunday there would be thousands of people so we went to the Bronco store and took pictures around the stadium.

This guy was outside one of the restaurants...such a fun city! 
We then went to Coors Field for a tour. It was so fun to learn the history. I love watching baseball and to get the chance to learn about the field and tour every part of it was amazing.
Love the adventures we take together!
From one of the suits.

This is where Blue Moon originated! After the tour we went and had a couple drinks. :)
Inside the guest team's locker room.
The only snow we saw while we were there, thank goodness!
Travis loves this picture...He just struck out!
I told Travis I should switch teams and become a Rockies fan...
Still not sure that's going to happen...
The Bar inside the stadium that brews Blue Moon .

I loved Denver, especially at night!
Just outside of our hotel was this clock tour.
We ate and made it back to our hotel around seven. I told Travis we probably shouldn't go to bed so early but the next thing I knew it was morning! #hello12hoursofsleep #partyanimals
We enjoyed breakfast at our hotel before we headed back to the stadium. Check out this Bloody Mary bar!
We got there just in time to see Gary Kubiak drive in and Peyton Manning arrive. He signed autographs for a few minutes before he headed inside.
We went to the buffet inside the stadium and didn't realize you had to purchase tickets ahead of time so we walked up with only one ticket left...well it was our luck they sold us two! So far our luck was pretty good. If only the Broncos had some luck when it was game time.
It was fun to see the stadium and check out the displays they had set up.
We ate, drank, and watched warm ups.
We had amazing seats, 12 rows from the Broncos sidelines.
In our seats and ready for the game!

Warming up before the game...
The atmosphere is amazing! So much better than TV!

The weather couldn't have been better.

They had a moment of silence for Paris. I can't believe how quiet the stadium got.
And they had a fly over. That was cool to see because they don't have them every game now.
We witnessed Peyton make history, for most passing yards.
It was so fun to experience an NFL game, so close to the action.

Manning stood in front of us whenever he wasn't on the field [which ended up being more than normal] and we witnessed a pep talk that clearly didn't work!
Although the Broncos lost, and Peyton got benched, we had a great time!
We ate and then made it back to our hotel.
We booked our hotel room several months ago and somehow the hotel made a mistake. Our room was supposed to be on the top floor with a balcony....When we left the game I told Travis I was now thankful we didn't have a balcony! Anyone who knows my husband knows Peyton was his first love and so it was a hard game for him to watch!
We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott and it was a great hotel. The location was great, we walked everywhere we went. The room was extremely clean and other than the mix up on our room, we have no complaints. We'd stay there again!
We were once again in bed by nine and although we were in a hotel in a foreign city that got louder at night, I'm more rested than I would have been at home.
Denver was good to us and we hope to make the trip again next year!
But...we were really happy to be home with this boy!
He requested a picture of us all together!
And, he loves his new Bronco hat!
We ended the night with snuggles and a movie.
This weekend was one that I will not forget.
Now onto a busy week!

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