Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Goals

Before we get to my November goals, let's recap my October goals. I really can't believe how quickly this month flew by! This time of year just moves fast!
1. Enjoy Pumpkin Everything.
Done. Done. and Done.
I've eaten everything pumpkin and enjoyed pumpkin in my coffee almost everyday.
2. Finish up my Christmas shopping.
I should just move this to my December list....
3. Order Christmas cards!
Done! They are ordered and I can't wait to get them. Andrea does such a great job.
4. Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!
We took a family trip to the pumpkin patch that you can check out here.
5. Begin School!
Not only have I started school, I finished one class and I'm taking my final for my second class this week! I love that I can move at my own pace.
6. Halloween crafts!
Robbie, Ryan, and Jen came over last week and we knocked out some fall canvases along with a reindeer canvas for Christmas. It was fun and the boys got to make a mess!
On to November...
This month I'm keeping things simple. I just want to enjoy the season with family and friends!
1. Address and send out Christmas cards.
I love receiving Christmas cards. It's so fun to open mail to smiling faces that you love so much! I want to get mine out early so they can be enjoyed.
2. Enjoy a weekend trip with my husband.
I love time with him. A quick trip together will be so much fun!
3. Clean out Colson's toys and clothes.
Before Christmas comes around, I'd like to clean out his toys and clothes so that there is room for some new. Maybe a little bit of organizing will take place.
4. Decorate house for Christmas!
Travis said I can't decorate before Thanksgiving...but that still leaves me four days before December!
Hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving with their families. I love Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday by far. And, it's Travis's favorite also. Food, family, and football!

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