Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekend Repcap on a Wednesday...

We had a fairly laid back weekend!
Friday, Colson went to his best friend, Austin's house for a sleepover! We're still hearing about it so must have been really good! :)
Saturday, Travis, Liza, my Dad and I participated in Pin 4 Polio. It is a bowling tournament put on my the Rotary club. It was a lot of fun!
We decided to invite my grandparents, parents, and brother over for pie Saturday night.
Two hours before they were coming over and I started making pie...
My kitchen looked like this about 5 minutes before they walked in.
GG made Colson's cape for his Halloween costume and he l o v e s it!
Super Hero Colson to the rescue!!!
GG and Papa Les made their way to the floor to play.
Colson and Papa Les were bears.
Love this man.
Sunday morning we never got out of our jammies.
Colson played a lot and I cleaned the house.
 Also, made two more pies.
The banana cream pie that I made Saturday was horrible. And that's putting it nicely. So, I redeemed myself by making two more. They were delicious!
Colson helped me!
 Then it was time for a bath and bed.
I love that he lines his ducks in a row! Totally takes after his father. :)
I love weekends I get to spend at home with my boys!

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