Thursday, October 22, 2015

Becoming the Webb 3!

This week is a big deal at the Webb house! We had a big day and I'm extremely thankful for it!
On Tuesday, October 20, we went to court as a family and completed the very last step of the adoption process. Colson is officially Colson Daniel Webb!!!
We were in the courtroom for about ten minutes but it was the best ten minutes.
We had court in the afternoon and we were so anxious to get there. We sat in the living room staring at the clock until it was time to leave. Our attorney has been amazing through the entire process and the judge couldn't have been nicer.
And here we are....officially a family of three.
Tuesday morning, I had to run some errands and Colson needed a haircut so I bribed him with a donut. We took one to Dad's work since the entire day needed to be celebrated!
Mr. Cool...... 
That evening we had our families over for dinner to celebrate.
I can't tell you how blessed we are to have such wonderful families. From the beginning, Colson gained amazing grandparents and extended family.
I have no doubt that Travis will raise Colson as his own. He already loves him so much and it shows every single day. He truly is a man of great Character! These two have had a special bond from the beginning.
 Although the adoption was extremely special, it didn't make us a family. We've been a family, now we just get to share the same name! :)
Thank you to everyone that called, sent texts, and left us comments through social media. Your kind words mean more than you can imagine!

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