Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites!

We're so glad it Friday at the Webb house!
I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to share my favorites today.
Here are my favorite things from this week...
Last weekend we took Colson bowling for the first time and he l o v e d it so much!
 So much that I think I'm going to ditch the plans I had for his birthday party and have a birthday party at the bowling alley. He was such a cute bowler and didn't want any help.
This week, Colson and I have done a lot of puzzles and played together a lot! I love having this extra time with him! 
We went for a bike ride one evening to Idaho Pizza. I love doing fun stuff as a family. Colson loves bike rides and with pizza involved it's no question it was a w e s o m e! 
We had family pictures taken and every time we take pictures, Colson grabs Travis's face and kisses him. Like...will not stop kissing him. I love it and think it's the most precious thing ever and wish I could order a giant canvas to hang smack in the middle of our living room and call it good.

So blessed that this is my family.
Last night was national drink red wine day. So, I opened the only bottle of red wine I had in our house, took this selfie, took a sip, and dumped it out! I like my wine to taste more like apple juice than wine! 
Fall TV!
We watch a lot of TV around here. Late nights are a new normal so we can watch them after Colson goes to sleep.
 I've watched the Voice before but only until the blind auditions were over. This season, we've continued to watch and so far...I'm liking it.
 Addicted! I love the Blindspot almost as much as I love Grey's. It's so good!
 These are just a few people that make my Thursday night. I love Grey's. I'm addicted. It's my absolute favorite!
I love pajamas on babies and kids! I wish it was appropriate to take them everywhere in jammies because I would. I would buy nothing but jammies. I think it makes them seem little for longer.
Especially when they are holiday pajamas!
So, that's my Friday Favorites! I hope you all have the best weekend full of fun, fall activities! My goal is always to take more never happens but maybe come Monday morning I'll have enough pictures to blog! :)
One last thing...Mix and Match Mama is giving away a $200 Nordstrom gift card today!
We don't have a Nordstrom but they have free shipping and free returns online.
Every one knows how much I love rain boots and I'm in love with these Hunter Wellies. So, that's what I will purchase if I win! Good luck!

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