Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Photo Dump.

The weekends always go way too fast.
Especially this one.
Friday night we headed to Boise to get a few golf things.
Then, we hit up our one of our favorite places, Red Robin!
Minutes after leaving the restaurant. 

And then Saturday rolled around.
Colson and I went to a yard sale and found a plasma car. He's not big enough to really do it himself, but I have fun helping him!

Saturday evening, Travis and his buddies went out and played a round of golf and then headed to dinner.

Us ladies headed to dinner.
I enjoyed time with my girlfriends and a big thanks to my mom for planning the evening!

And the day started  and ended with this guy.
I'm so grateful we will be husband and wife next {{{Wednesday}}}
So after a night spent with friends, our Sunday looked a lot like this!
We did manage to make it out to the course and let Colson putt around with his new club.
And ended the night with hanging our new sign made by my sister in law.
It was a great weekend and it's always fun when you're surrounded by friends and family.
Thank you to everyone that made our weekend a memorable one!
Here's to a good week!

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