Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday again!
Hope everyone had a fabulous week!
I'm linking up with Andrea once again.
On Tuesday evening we decided to head to the golf course to play a few holes of golf.

 I love these boys so much.
Tuesday night was defiantly one of my {favorites}. 

Wednesday, Colson and I joined Travis, Papa Kim, and Grandma Kay for lunch.
While waiting for them to arrive at the restaurant, Colson was "driving". Which is one of his {favorite] things to do.
It was a headache because Colson is two and tests Travis and I on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
[I might be exaggerating, but some days, it sure feels like it.]
But I loved going!

We went golfing with my parents last night.
We normally play couple's on Thursdays but it was cancelled.
We decided to play by the rules that we normally do and...

 It came down to the last hole!
Travis made it putt for a birdie!
That moment was my {favorite}!
It always feels good to win.
[[[Travis and I both are very competitive, which isn't always good!]]]
While golfing, we had a fire on both sides of us.
Planes kept flying over us and the air kept getting worse.
 Our valley is now filled with smoke.
My {favorite} is when Colson asks to hold my hand!
We stopped by B&W and he said, "Mama, please hold my hand."
He wasn't feeling his best but I love having his little fingers wrapped around me!
Lately, he's been putting his arm around me whenever I sit next to him. And, he'll rub my back or arm.
He's picked this up from his Daddy and I love it!
And, last but not least, TimHop.
It's been my {favorite} this week.
I've had some of the best photos show up!
I love those pork-chops!

Here's to another busy weekend!

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