Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals

One of my favorite bloggers, Shay, writes out her monthly goals and shares them with us. I've enjoyed reading them over the last year and since I'm so in love with lists and crossing things off, I thought I would give it a try.
Life can become so normal and we can forget about the things we want to do for fun. So, writing it down will help me to accomplish those fun things! {and things that I just need to do} we go...


1. Put Colson in swimming lessons. Last year he was in swimming lessons all summer and he cried and screamed everyday. However, he learned so much. So this summer, we are starting them in July. The first part of summer was too crazy!

2. No social media after  5pm. I'm on my phone too much. I love browsing through Instagram at everyone's pictures but it takes away from my family. So, put my phone down and enjoy the ones I love right in my home.

3. Host two groups of people at our house. Travis and I both love entertaining, or having people over.  I love sharing a meal and chatting with people in my home (or theirs!).  Nothing is more personal than enjoying time with others in the coziness of your house. I love our backyard so entertaining on the patio is going to be fun!

4. Read two books. I'm planning on starting this on the plane to Hawaii. It's a long plane ride so hopefully I can finish a book by the time I return from that trip. While I'm not in school, it's the perfect time to read for enjoyment.

5. Family pictures. I wanted to get these taken since early spring but it didn't happen. Once we return from Hawaii, we are going to have them taken. I love having nice pictures of our family.

6.Marry my best friend! This is my favorite goal for the month. We're going to Hawaii to get married and I want to fully enjoy the experience, be stress free, and marry Travis!

 Hopefully these will make our July a little better!

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Unknown said...

Wow! A Hawaii wedding? Amazing:)

I'm also trying to read more, but only 1 book a month. This past month on vacation I read 4 (!!) books, but that's not a realistic goal for my normal life. Good luck, girl!