Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Decorations

I love this time of year! I love decorating, Christmas parties, and being together with those you love!
I decorated much layer than I wanted to but they are up and I'm happy!
I have a space in my house that isn't apart of my living room and isn't apart of my kitchen, I really don't know what to do in the space. I put up a second Christmas tree and I love it!
I painted the Noel on burlap to hang on my mantel and then didn't use it and I'm glad because I really like this! 
 I have a dresser in there full of craft supplies. But other than that this room serves a purpose of displaying Christmas decorations at the moment!
 Up close of my chalkboard.
 A little bit closer look at my tree. It's very simple.
 A look into my kitchen.
 Small touches throughout. I still need to pick up some Christmas candy!
 Love my kitchen Christmas tree!
Above my windows there is an awesome built in shelf!
 And odd course my kitchen has to have a chalkboard!
 A sign on a very special door...
 With an owl tree inside!
 And of course a chalkboard with A Christmas message...
 Belonging to this boy sleeping on Christmas sheets!
(and a purple blanket... I put this blanket under his green one because it's so warm!)
 And in our living room we have my favorite tree! It's skinner than I thought but it works perfectly for our house! It's loaded to the max!
 Our fireplace with our stockings...
 Still one of my favorite purchases are the stockings from Pottery Barn!
 Above our TV. I bought this owl this year and love him!
 As you can see, Colson and I really like owls!
 And this is my all time favorite Christmas decoration! I love those little feet!
 My nativity set.
 And a snowman tucked in the corner.
 My cabinet is full of Christmas decorations. I especially like the snowman plate!
 I like the picture of Colson with Santa but he enjoys the light up fire house,  anyone surprised by that?
And one little touch in my room... A chalkboard! And apparently I really like this saying since it's in both of our bedrooms!
I love the holidays but I especially love it with Colson! I hope to always make this time of year special for him but my biggest wish is that he always knows the true meaning of Christmas!

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