Thursday, December 11, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 49

Day 344: started our day off with doughnuts! Love this sweet boy! 
 Day 343: entertainment tonight  brought to you by a balloon. Colson was laughing so hard and having so much fun!
 Day 342: Mama was sick so Colson cuddled!
 Day 341: Colson was feeling much better and helped Nana bake!
 Day 340: we started in the bath and ended in the sink...   Spoiler alert! Colson is getting new bath toys in his stocking!
 Day 339: this boy had the stomach flu so I got a lot of snuggles.  (and also the stomach flu)
 Day 338: the Christmas decorations are up!
Later than I hoped but they are up!
Day 337: he's a wild one!

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