Thursday, November 13, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Weeks 44 & 45

Day 304: Happy Halloween from this cute fireman!
He loved his costume this year! You can read more about our Halloween here.
Day 305: Bloody Mary's and pizza! 

Day 306: sporting some flannel! 
Fun fact: Colson is wearing a flannel shirt that his great grandma made for my brother!

Day 307: this is when you know he's tired...
or when he wants to snuggle with me instead of play!
Day 308: love technology so we can see GG and Papa Les!
Day 309: cutting down trees in Nana's living room!

Nana was not very happy, in case you were wondering!
Day 310: starting to feel like home, one room at a time.
Since taking this picture I've broken this plate. :( I'm so disappointed!
Day 311: I hate when my baby is sick but love his snuggles!
Day 312: so big!
Colson was just hanging out watching a movie.
Day 313: tired boy.
Day 314: this night called for snuggles.
Day 315: I love being an ED major!

Day 316: the hat stays on.
Hope everyone is staying warm with the snow we are getting!

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