Thursday, October 2, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Catch-up!

Let me start out by warning you....there are way too many pictures on this post!
I haven't done a #joceveryday post since July. We have a lot to cover!
Day 220: My dad and I were leaving the next morning for LA and I snuggled this boy extra long before we left!
 Day 221: Game day!

 Day 222: Game two!
 Day 223: I was so glad to be home and see this boy! Our flight was late so he was already in bed.
Day 224: Colson was wherever Aunt Heidi was on this particular night.

Day 225: Not sure where the picture is....I can't find it on my computer but Heidi and I sat and ate ice cream right out of the container. :)

Day 226: Again...can't find the picture. But Colson ate about a dozen tomatoes. He loves them!

 Day 227: Mama got a pedi and Colson played with Aunt Heidi!
 Day 228: We took a pit stop in McCall on our way to Moscow.
Day 229: My cute wedding date! And my sweet grandpa in the background!

 Day 30: we got home from being in the car for 8 hours and this boy went straight for his car! I guess he wanted a turn driving.
 Day 231: at least he's cute wearing an Angel's hat!
 Day 232: Cost Plus won me over with this chair! I bought it for $40 and it started out $180. And, I'm so glad I did because we used it in our pictures this fall.
 Day 233: Hans is starting to understand selfies.
 Day 234: took Mama to the ER for stitches!
 Day 235: We were covered in chalk for days! But it was a lot of fun!
 Day 236: I was anxious for class starting up again but I love them!
 Day 237: Papa needed a hand.
 Day 238: love a squeaky clean boy!
 Day 239: because Mama was tired and didn't want to fight sleep.
 Day 240: drinking milk and brushing his teeth, perfect combination.
 Day 241: tired boys.
 Day 242: another wedding with this boy!
 Day 243: watching a video!
 Day 244: we were only gone for a weekend but I was dreading unpacking.

Day 245: Another picture I can't find! I was eating a bowl of fruit loops and it was like eating the rainbow!
 Day 246: Colson loved the chickens!

Day 247: No picture! But Colson was exhausted after preparing for my brother's wedding. He was asleep before we pulled out of their driveway.
 Day 248: somebody made a friend tonight. Colson loves Robby! He wanted no one else all night!
 Day 249: Tradition!
 Day 250: he's becoming a pro!
 Day 251: Colson prefers dessert!
 Day 252: homemade pizza was a success!
 Day 253: this boy helped me with homework tonight!
 Day 254: "helping" Papa mow the lawn.
 Day 255: this one fights sleep like a pro!
 Day 256: first night in a big boy bed and zero fight!
 Day 257: tea and homework to end my weekend.
 Day 258: Oreo face!
 Day 259: I guess it's that time of year....
 Day 260: bedtime around our house.
 Day 261: relaxing at Nana and Papa's house.

Day 262: it always seems impossible until it is done. -Nelson Mandela. I was thankful for Friday!

Day 263: Colson just wanted to snuggle since he wasn't feeling well and I wasn't about to complain.
 Day 264: first time doing anything productive since Friday and I was in bed while doing it.
 Day 265: Colson's turn to be sick.
 Day 266: how many toys/books fit on Papa's lap?

Day 267: I'm a believer in Young Living Essential Oils! Seriously, they are wonderful.
 Day 268: baked spaghetti and monster cookies for dinner. (I was thankful to be feeling better!)
 Day 269: productive morning! Banana bread fresh out of the oven...yummy!
 Day 270: Colson and Austin had a fun time playing while their Mama's went out to celebrate Liza's birthday!
 Day 271: I decorated for fall! My favorite time of the year!
 Day 272: we were ready for the rainy Monday! P.S. Colson is still wearing those rain boots. I know there isn't any rain but he won't take them off! His obsession with rain boots may be greater than his Mama's!!!
 Day 273: out for ice cream!
Day 274: Happy October 1st!

And hopefully I stay on top of this from now on! Have a great day!

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