Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Bucket List

I love October. I believe it's my favorite month. I love the weather in October and all the colors. Things are feeling back to normal and in routine.

There are several things to do this month and I'm excited that Colson is old enough to enjoy most of them! (Or at least I hope he enjoys them and I'm not eating my words come November!)

The pumpkin patch!
I took Colson last year to get a pumpkin and he had no clue what was going on. This year, every time he lays eyes on a pumpkin he says it 1000 times! I'm going to guess he'll like this one!

Pumpkin carving.
I've not tried this one yet with Colson but I think this is the year! He was just too little last year but I think he'll enjoy gutting the pumpkin!

I'll take Colson trick-or-treating in his Halloween costume.

Enjoy my first pumpkin spice latte!
I still can't believe I haven't done this yet. They came out early this year and I just haven't felt like ordering one. October is the month!

Start my Christmas shopping.
I would love to finish it also but that's a stretch. I've seen a few things I'd like to pick up for Colson from Costco so I need to grab them before they are sold out. And, then a few odd and ends here and there.

Complete 75% of my observations hours.
I'm taking education classes this semester I need to complete 55 hours of observations in the middle school and high school before Thanksgiving break. However, I'd like to finish most of them in November so I have enough time to complete my lesson plans without feeling stressed.

Harvest Festival!
In our town we have the Harvest Festival in the middle of the street the first weekend of October. This year I'm volunteering a few hours but would like to take Colson down later in the afternoon.

I haven't blogged since I left Western States. I truly miss it so I need to get back into the groove of writing my posts out. I really miss my #joceveryday2014 posts! They are so fun and I've enjoyed looking back over the year at what I've posted.

Order Christmas Cards!!!
I love our pictures we had taken last month and I can't wait to order Christmas cards with my favorite pictures on them!

Last thing on the massive list....
Make some freezer meals. This time of year it can be crazy busy so having dinner in the freezer will not only save money but also time. I won't have an excuse to go out to eat. :)

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