Friday, May 23, 2014

Yes Mom

One of my favorite bloggers, Andrea, talked about being a Yes Mom.
As I started thinking about Colson, I realized that I'm saying no a lot. Too much.
I was worried about Colson getting too dirty, making too big of a mess, being too loud, or not eating enough dinner because he got a treat before hand.
But...he's only little for a very short amount of time and we should enjoy it.
So...I started saying yes more.
We've made some really big messes, got really dirty, and ate plenty!

Colson loves water. While it's nice outside, it's still not nice enough to play in the water. So, I fill up the kitchen sink. This is perfect because he's entertained and I can make dinner while still interacting with him.
There is water EVERYWHERE by the time I drain the sink but we are also make some fun memories and that makes the mess worth it.

It's almost as good as water. Almost.
Colson loves playing in it, sitting in it, and eating it. Although I still say no to the last one!
Colson needs a bath everynight, I have no idea how he gets dirt in all the places he does but he's dirty!

We both love ice cream, slushies, and suckers.
We especially like them before dinner.
On our way home from daycare we will stop at Sonic or Roe Ann's and grab a slushy and then sit outside and drink it. Colson is a sticky mess by the time he's done but he seriously loves it!
Occasionally we'll go out for ice cream. This is my personal favorite. I LOVE ice cream.
And suckers. Once in awhile I'll give Colson a sucker while I'm making dinner. Stickiness EVERYWHERE!

Life is too short to being saying no all the time.
Life is too short to stress about the mess.
And life is too short to not make fun memories!

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