Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Bucket List/ Five on Friday

In our books, Memorial Day Weekend is the kick-off of SUMMER!
Here is a fun list of things I hope we get done this summer!

1. Cherry Festival! It's a must if you live in Emmett.
2. Water balloons. Colson + water + throwing things = perfection!
3. Hike Table Rock.
4. Go to the cabin.
5. Spend a day in McCall.
6. Watch fireworks.
7. Lots of swimming! This includes swimming lessons.
8. Go to the lake.
9. Hit up the Farmer's Market in Boise.
10. Take Colson to the zoo!
11. Enjoy snow cones. (and a long bath afterwords)
12. Take Colson to a splash pad.
13. Go on a picnic.
And a few mama things:
14. Float the river.
15. Enjoy a Hawk's baseball game.

I'm so excited to see what the summer brings us. We are going to be very busy but I hope to enjoy every moment I have with my little boy!
I'm enrolled in summer classes, we have several weddings to attend, and we are signed up for swimming lessons!

Anybody else have suggestions for fun activities this summer? I'd love to hear some of your favorite things to do with your littles!

5 on Friday
Sooooo thankful it's Friday!

Last day of Grammy's
(this is bitter sweet)
Yvonne takes the summers off and we missed her so much last summer and I know Colson will miss her again this summer but he may find himself over there a few times when I'm in a bind or she just misses him! ;)
This was him this morning before I dropped him off.

Sleep! Colson has been sleeping so much better lately. I'm going to say it's due to playing outside all day long! He is wore out by bedtime. I sometimes wish I could just crawl in his crib to snuggle him but I refrain. :)

I'm registered for school. I'm going full time this summer on-line and then full time this fall on campus. I'm so excited but also a little scared for this next season of my life. I can't wait to be finished with school. I've always wanted to teach and I'm finally going to make that happen.

A long weekend with nothing planned.
It's a three day weekend and we don't have a single plan after tonight. We may go up to the cabin for the night or we may just stay at home. I'm just looking forward to relaxing with my sweet boy!

Outside. We've had some rainstorms but other than that we've been outside every night! Colson is happiest when he's outside and I love seeing him happy.
He's been helping me water the plants every night and by help I mean getting water EVERYWHERE!
He's only little for a short time so I want us both to enjoy every minute of it!

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