Thursday, May 22, 2014

#joceverday2014 Week 20

Day 134: I enjoyed lunch in the park with my green smoothie. I'm so thankful for nice weather.
Day 135: After I put Colson to sleep I started reading my new book that came in the mail, Hands Free Mama. So far, I like it. Hopefully I can finish it before my summer classes start.
Day 136: Colson was filthy on Saturday but as soon as I stripped him he started playing with this train. Haha, I let him for about 30 minutes before draining the tub and refilling it with warm water. :)
Day 137: Heidi and I planted flowers while Riley ran around with Colson. (Have I mentioned we love who we live with!)
Day 138: We went over to our neighbors house and she pulled out an old rocking horse that Colson loved!
Day 139: After voting we picked up a slushy for Colson and an iced tea for me and then played outside.
Day 140: We went out for ice cream in our pajamas.

Now, we are still deciding what to do this weekend. Cascade or stay in town???

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