Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Weekend

The weekend started at 5:15 when I picked Colson up on Friday. :)
We kicked off our weekend with a trip to see Great-Grandpa Warren and Great-Grandma Carol. I had some whiskey barrels and I was getting dirt. (ended up not filling them up until Saturday but Grandpa and Colson had fun!
Colson has been carrying sticks everywhere with him! The sounds he's started making are so fun when he plays with them. My back seat has at least two sticks back there.
Colson was nice and snuggly Friday night and after he went to bed I went outside and started reading Hands Free Mama. So far, I really like it.
Saturday morning Colson woke up in the best mood. We snuggled in the chair for about two minutes before he was running around like a crazy!
He helped me make some French toast and then he enjoyed breakfast with his Aunt Heidi.
While I was getting ready for the day, he pulled his wagon around all over the house.

I dropped him off with Gigi and headed to my storage until. I worked on cleaning it out and organizing it until 5! I took a lunch break and went to eat grilled cheese with my boy.
He then pulled this bucket around and put rocks and sticks in it from all over the yard.
We worked on a puzzle...
and then he wanted to take a snooze with his Great Grandpa Les.
I met my Grandpa Warren at my house and filled up my pots with dirt!
Then, back to storage.
We went to Roe Ann's for a slushy and the taco wagon for dinner.
Colson played with his train before getting in the bath. Seriously? Too cute.
After bath we went on a wagon ride. He loves wagon rides!
Sunday it was raining and so we went on a drive. Colson took a short nap in the morning. But we saw some geese and went to Willow Creek.
We went to a family dinner at my parent's house. (Zero pictures were taken!)
Came home and planted flowers with Aunt Heidi and Riley.
And ended our weekend with a bath!
And now, back to work. Hope everyone has a great week! I know I'm already looking forward to this three day weekend!

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