Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 21

Day 143: Last Friday was Colson's last day with Grammy until fall.
I know they are going to miss each other!

Day 144: Colson was such a happy boy Saturday when I was rocking him. We had a long day but he did great.

Day 145: Colson after church!

Day 146: My mom, grandma and I took Colson to the zoo on Memorial Day. We had so much fun! I'm thankful my grandma can still do fun things like this!

Day 147: My love language...Mexican food! I enjoyed a Corona and chips! We went out for Mexican food for a 40th birthday party!

Day 148: Colson was such a help! He dumped an entire container of onion power in his bowl and mixed it up so nicely! Meanwhile I made baked spagehtti. Even though I had a mess to clean up, I loved making dinner along side him!

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