Thursday, March 19, 2015

#joceveryday2014 Week 14

Day 93: My dad came over to see Colson before we took off for our trip. He took Colson outside while I finished up our packing. I went out when I was done and Colson would not stop eating dirt! He thought it was so funny!

Day 94: We left on a plane for Arizona!

Day 95: We went out for ice cream with Grandma B!

Day 96: We aren't used to the warm weather but we had so much fun. Colson ran around in his diaper a lot. He was also very tired because he didn't take the best naps while we were there.

Day 97: We loved visiting Grandma and Grandpa and hated to leave!

Day 98: I had Sushi!

Day 99: We had a productive night. Went on a run, ate dinner, gave Colson a bath and then dove into homework. Thankful for the opportunity to go back to school but it can be challenging. 

Day 100: 100 days in 2014 spent with this guy! Love him!

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