Thursday, March 19, 2015

5 on Friday

PIt's Friday!!!

I'm linking up with Darci today!

Today I giving you 5 random things that I'm looking forward to!

2. I'm running a 10K on Sunday. Yep, that's 6.2 miles that I haven't trained for. I won't be able to walk Monday morning but I'm looking forward to running with a friend.

3. Next weekend is Easter and Colson's Easter basket is complete! I bought him a few books, filled eggs with socks, and put a plastic set of golf clubs in his basket. Simple! I want to teach Colson the true meaning of Easter and not go over board with his basket and gifts.

4. Montana! It's next month but the hotel room is booked! Love love love going up to see my family. Christopher is joining me for this trip. I'm so looking forward to seeing my family!

5. Summer school. I've never looked forward to school as much as I do right now. I want to finish my degree so badly so summer school it is! Registration is Monday and I've already got my classes saved!

And here are a few pictures for you!

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