Thursday, March 19, 2015

Colson 15 Months

Clothes: Colson is wearing between 12 and 18 months clothes. It depends on the brand. Sometimes I roll the waist once and they are perfect for 18 month clothes. Although sometimes he wears no clothes at all!

Sleep: He goes down between 7:30 and 8 depending on his day. I usually have to wake him up to head to daycare. He takes two naps during the day.

When he’s tired he wants to be in someone’s arms. If I’m around, he wants to be in mine! I’m not complaining about that!

Teeth: Two new teeth this month! Those were not fun but I’m glad they are in.

Favorite Foods: Nana’s blueberry, spinach, and peanut butter smoothie. {LOVES IT} Salami. Pickles. Cheese. Root beer floats {thanks to GiGi}
He's eating with a fork and spoon now!

Favorite Activities: He runs to water anytime he hears it, wagon rides, reading, climbing everything, smelling his feet, loves using a napkin, giving kisses, dancing to music, dishes, and his favorite toy would defiantly be his car.

The boy loves to be destructive. {bangs, slams, and throws EVERYTHING}

When he’s making noise, he’s happy.

And he’s most happy when he’s outside!

Least Favorite Activity: getting his diaper changed, or really laying still for more than .5 seconds for anything.

Colson is very strong-willed. He knows what he wants and not much will stop him from going after it.

He understands so much and wants to talk so badly. He tells me so many things, if only I could understand him. I still love hearing his little voice and how enthusiastic he can be.

I love this age, he’s so much fun.

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