Thursday, March 19, 2015

#joceveryday2014 Week 9

Day 58: I love this boy so much! He was so full of energy when I picked him up.

Day 59: Bloody Mary!

Day 60: Colson is in love with this tool bench. He loves putting the screws and nails in and out with the hammer. He's so fun!

Day 61: Colson got a haircut! And another reason to document this....first haircut that I gave him. Now I'm sure your asking yourselves..."Aren't you a hairdresser???" Why yes I am!

Day 62: I had a math test but Colson was having so much fun with all his toys I couldn't help but let him stay up a little later than normal to get some playtime in with him! This is such a fun age!

Day 63: Everynight before bed we lay on my bed and play and rough house. He loves playing on my bed and the giggles that come out of him are worth every second of flying pillows! This night however, he came over and layed down. The snuggles never get old.

Day 64: Happy Wednesday!!! I had a very happy little boy Wednesday morning!

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