Friday, April 4, 2014

#joceverydat2014 Week 13

 Day 86: I was loving on my boys! Colson stayed at my parent's Thursday night and my mom watched him all day Friday for me.
 Day 87: Such a big boy.
 Day 88: Colson loves playing with trucks.
 Day 89: I went and got a pedicure Sunday in preparation for my vacation!
 Day 90: Opening day of baseball season and Colson was sporting his favorite team's shirt! Go Boston Red Sox!
 Day 91: Colson was starting to catch my cold and since we are leaving for vacation I took him to the doctor and of course he had an ear infection. Still so happy for being sick!
Day 92: I love, love, love this little ones snuggles. And when he's sick I get three times the amount. I will take them!
Of course this post is a day late but I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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