Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our Weekend.

This past Friday, Colson, my mom, and I flew to Arizona to see my grandparents. We made a long weekend out of it.

Colson woke up early on Friday morning and helped me finish getting ready. He was in the best mood and I loved it!

We went and picked up Nana and headed to Boise.

We were REALLY early so we sat down to enjoy a Bloody Mary. Then...we almost missed our flight. Seriously!?

Colson was great on the plane. He colored, played with his planes and flirted with the flight attendant. She came and got him and he hung out with her while I enjoyed a complimentary Bloody Mary that she brought over to me!

We really had a great flight!

I was nervous because Colson has never been on an airplane before this trip but he was a great traveler.

Between getting off the plane and catching our shuttle Colson napped. That was the only nap he got on Friday and it was for 40 minutes. NOT LONG ENOUGH!

Grandma and Grandpa were waiting at the shuttle for us and we were so excited to see them!!!

Colson found Grandma's yarn, first thing. He loved it! And no one cared that he was making a mess!

Colson wasn't much for sharing a bed. We managed but this was how he slept most of the time.

Saturday morning we attended the clubhouse pancake breakfast and this handsome Grandpa was the chef!

Saturday afternoon we drove around the town they live in and stopped at a few stores, looked at some golf courses, and ice cream!

Colson got to help Grandma out a lot in the kitchen sink. He "washed dishes" and the entire kitchen and everything in it was wet!

Sunday we went shopping! I love the shopping down there. We only had intentions of going to one store and then I found an outlet mall. :)

When we got home Sunday we were hot and so I stripped Colson and we relaxed.

Grandpa made up steak and shrimp for dinner and Colson mastered the fork. He did great with it and loves doing everything by himself.

The County Music Awards were on Sunday night. I was in the back room and when I came out I caught Colson and Grandma dancing. He loves to dance and I don't think she minds either with such a cute partner!

Monday was very relaxing. We went to the clubhouse for coffee and stayed in most of the day. Just enjoying the last few hours we had before leaving.

We arrived at the shuttle early so we let Colson run around. We were sad to leave but loved our visit!

Colson was great on the flight home. He was asleep before we left our gate and didn't wake up until we put him in the car.

We had a fantastic trip. 

Makes me so thankful for my family. I can't wait until my grandparents come home, back to Idaho!

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