Thursday, January 23, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 3

On day 15, Colson and I played a lot and he got extra snuggles because I knew that....

 on day 16...He was one!!!

Day 17:  It was so yummy!!!

Day 19: We watched the Seattle Seahawks and 49ers play  and Colson really took off walking.
Day 20: I went to pick Colson up from my Mom and Dad and him and Hans kept climbing into my lap. I couldn't tell which one was more jealous.
Day 21: I was trying to make dinner and Colson was extra I gave him a sucker before dinner.
Day 22: Colson had his one year checkup! Oh my goodness...I'm still in shock that I have a one year old!
There is our week. We had a fun one!!!

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