Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Year Recap

Yesterday was Colson's one year check up. He was officially one year old yesterday!
Colson is 30 inches (75th percentile for height & 24 lbs (50th percentile) for weight.

Age: One
Stats: 30 inches, 24 lbs, 19 inch head circumference
Clothes : Wearing mostly 12-18 month, although I have to roll up pant legs since they're a little long. He is wearing a size 5 shoe.
Favorite Foods: Pizza, ice cream, carrot cake, blueberries, graham crackers, bread, pancakes, and pulled pork.
Favorite Words: Mama, Wow, Uh-oh, kitty.
Favorite Toy: Anything that makes a lot of noise and he can throw or push. He loves his wagon that he got for Christmas and his bull.
Favorite Activities: Bath time, going for wagon rides, chasing Hans, reading books & snuggling!!! He likes playing in the Tupperware drawer and pull them all out onto the floor.
Least Favorite Activities: Getting out of the bath tub, the word "no" & being woke up.
Nicknames: Bug, Cols, Love Bug

Colson's First Birthday!

On his birthday he woke up to balloons all over his room and in his crib. 
 Then, we celebrated with doughnuts.
It didn't take him 5 seconds to grab on and go to town. And I think it only took him a total of a minute to demolish it! 
We went to lunch with my mom, visited the ladies at my work, and then went downtown to visit Sarah Johnson. I'm extremely sad that I didn't snap a picture. You'll have to do with the picture we took of Sarah and Colson from the day he was born. :)

Then we went down the street to see my dad.

That night we went out for pizza. Colson was in such a good mood. We had such a great day!

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