Thursday, January 23, 2014

Colson's First Birthday Party

Thank you to everyone that made it to his party and those that called, text, or commented to wish him a happy birthday!

Here are some pictures of the day!

 I used decorations that I already had from his nursery and from his baby shower.
 We had cake and chocolate dipped pretzels. We also had water, juice, and the fixings for Italian cream sodas.
 I think he was more interested in the ribbon that the actually gifts...until we got home. The kid thinks every toy needs to be out just to play with one.
 I would guess the cake was his favorite part of the party. He loved it!
 I was worried that he would have a sugar high but the angel bucket slept amazingly!
 Love love love those chubby fingers!
 He did great with his cake until he dumped the entire thing on the floor....

 I am certain he was terrified someone was going to take it away from him! 
This is just some more decorations of the party! :)

Again, thank you for everyone who came and everyone that helped set up for the party!

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