Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Labor Day Weekend.

I'm horrible about taking pictures! Seriously, I only have about 5 from our entire weekend! However, it was a pretty relaxing weekend!

After work on Friday,  I went to what is now my favorite pizza joint. They sell it by the slice and it is delish! I like that they sell them by the slice so I'm not tempted to eat more than once slice. :)
We loaded up and headed out of town. We got up to Cascade pretty late so we went to bed shortly after we arrived.

Saturday we woke up and relaxed. Colson was fighting his nap so we laid down together hoping that would help....but he is a little hard headed! It took Great-Grandpa Les swinging him. And then he slept for two hours. Once my brother and Emily arrived, we headed out to go rafting. Colson stayed behind with his Greats! I made the wise decision to not wear sunscreen so I could get some color. Well.....color I got! Sunburnt! In fact, my nose is beginning to peel. 
(On our way out to raft)

We got back and everyone but me put on their BSU gear, I really need to get some!) We are and were ready for an exciting game. That clearly didn't happen with a score like 6-38. We went to bed during the third quarter. Loosing that bad is never fun to watch!

Sunday we had Grandma's sourdough huckleberry pancakes and then headed into McCall. We parked, walked down to the Marina for drinks and then talked about where to eat lunch for 45 minutes. We finally decided on My Father's Place. It was so yummy!!! We tried entertaining Colson with Mickey Mouse Club.
But he grabbed my water cup and spilt it on the table, the splashing began and he was in heaven! (I have a video but it won't let me upload it.)

We got back to the cabin and my mom and Kristi came up to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. We had a steak dinner and homemade German chocolate cake. We sat around and talked, fed the Blue Jays, and had a few drinks.  I love being in the mountains! It was an early night for us!

Monday we woke up and headed down. Monday was a lazy day but a good one. We ate lunch, went and got frozen yogurt, fed the ducks, and then lounged.

I ended my evening sitting outside on the patio. My absolute favorite. Last night was even better because it had just rained and was still sprinkling.  Seriously the best! :)

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